Test CC Guidelines


This is the simplest working setup to get links to pages like linking back to data in the referring document.
The above link works, but only because of an attribute on the test link below, and other data embedded in this page.

The Data Needed


No metadata is needed in the head of the document, but somewhere there has to be an element - like this span - that has the xml namespace attributes:


The "Work Details" title label comes from this span: Test Title which has the attribute


It is the link to the work's origin that generates the content of the "cite" box. These attributes are necessary on the <a> element:

a guidelines referencing element

An element - like this span - has to be present, with attributes referencing the guidelines document: This becomes the href of the "Non-binding use guidelines apply to this work" text.

license rel (url)

The actual link to the rights page should have a rel attribute: Nothing works without xhv:license.



Keep an eye on the net tab when you open the link - it can time-out contacting scraper.creativecommons.org.


Here's a working test link to a rights page. If this is being read from a publicly available server then the above link will contain the text "Non-binding use guidelines apply to this work." and other data scraped from this page.


Other metadata used in the old portal included: but that is not used here.